Yes, I get it, you would rather just have a clickable email address to fire off a message. Alas, so would the spambot-erati. Hence this.

Or you can email me direct on jay('at' symbol) - BUT... Before you do, please read NOTE 3 below!!!

NOTE 1: If you are selling SEO, traffic, design and other services I don't want, save yourself the bother of using this form; I'll delete your message immediately. Most recent offender: Timea Harrison Press Marketing Specialist

NOTE 2: If I reply and you subsequently fail to acknowledge my reply within 48 hours, no further communication will be possible; I work on tight timeframes and don't wait around.

NOTE 3: A few people have recently emailed me asking for specific stamp-related advice. I replied once, providing the person with a detailed breakdown of figures in what was a comprehensive, thorough answer. He didn't so much as acknowledge what I did for him, never mind thank me. In fact, he acted like I was a civil servant providing a public service!!!

So then, without wishing to appear rude, I have to say that what you see on my website is as far as I can go down this road.

Or let me put it like this.

If you were to ask your accountant for such advice, you would be billed for it.

On the other hand, my website is freely provided, despite the fact that after a year of life-draining toil it has generated me almost zero income.