Welcome to a new, mobile-friendly, accurate, FULLY FEATURED Stamp Duty Calculator and a Land & Buildings Transaction Tax version, both of which allow you to generate printable, presentation-standard PDF reports showing calculation details.

Up to date with the 2018 stamp duty rates for SDLT in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and with the 2018 rates for Land & Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) in Scotland, this page has been designed to provide an ultra smooth stamp duty calculator experience.

LATEST NEWS: First time buyers of properties up to £300,000 in most areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland are exempt from SDLT as of 22nd November 2017. For more details, see the FAQs page.



Switch between SDLT & LBTT


* Like all the other free online stamp duty calculators, the above quick Stamp Duty Calculator assumes the transaction is residential, no new leases are involved and the buyer is a private individual.


(England, Wales and Northern Ireland only - for Scotland, use the LBTT Calculator below)

Designed to match the main elements of the Taxman's own Stamp Duty Calculator, this section offers a fully featured service, but without the government site's annoyingly clunky, click-and-wait functionality.

Accordingly, this stamp duty calculator service has been built from the ground-up to enable you to work out your Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) liability for all the common conditions ignored by most of this website's rivals (for more details on this, see the stamp duty calculators comparison table on the Website FAQs page).

So much for highlighting the shortcomings of the competition. Now let's check out the features of this one:

  • Calculate stamp duty on existing and new leaseholds.
  • Residential and non-residential SDLT calculations.
  • SDLT on both private & business transactions.
  • Calculate SDLT on second homes and buy to let.
  • Generate downloadable PDFs showing how your stamp duty calculations are made.
  • Easily compare SDLT results with LBTT results on the same webpage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: From April 2018, Stamp Duty Land Tax in Wales is to be replaced by the new Land Transaction Tax (LTT).












Is the purchaser an individual or a company / trust?

Is the property residential (as opposed to non-residential or "mixed-use")?

Is it a freehold or leasehold transaction?

Is the leasehold new or existing?

Individual or Company / Trust?

Residential or Non-Residential?

Freehold or Leasehold?

New Lease or Old Lease?

Is it a Second Home / Buy to Let?

Price ("Consideration")

Effective Date

Start Date of Lease

End Date of Lease

Duration of Lease

Year 1 Rent

Year 2 Rent

Year 3 Rent

Year 4 Rent

Year 5 Rent


(Scotland only - for the rest of the UK, use the Full Stamp Duty Calculator above)

This section (in green) contains a Scotland-only Land & Buildings Transaction Tax Calculator (for Scotland's equivalent of Stamp Duty Land Tax since 1st April 2015) that closely parallels the Scottish government's own LBTT Calculator, but designed to be smoother than Revenue Scotland's version.


  • Facilitates both residential & non-residential LBTT transactions.
  • Calculate LBTT on property acquisitions made by both "natural persons" (i.e. individuals) and "non-natural persons" (i.e. companies or trusts).
  • Incorporates linked transactions.
  • Determine LBTT due where Additional Dwelling Supplement rules apply.
  • Produce printable reports showing details of your LBTT calculations.

NOTE: For NEW non-residential lease transactions, you should (for now) use's own LBTT Lease Transactions Calculator.




Is the purchaser an individual or a non-natural person (e.g. a company)?

Is the property residential (as opposed to non-residential)?

Is any part of the transaction liable to Additional Dwelling Supplement?

Is it part of a linked transaction?

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