1. This website claims to be the best, most accurate stamp duty calculator on the web. What makes it so special?

The government's calculator, while accurate, is clunky to use and particularly awkward when making many calculations or where the user has to backtrack and tweak the information supplied.

This one, however, is a much smoother user experience (try both this one and the government's to see for yourself).

The other leading ones generally don't bother telling the user that the calculation they offer is limited to private individuals making a residential purchase on freehold / old lease transactions. They do not offer detailed calculations involving new leases, and they certainly do not offer downloadable printable reports.

Three of them (MoneySavingExpert, Knight Frank, and Which) don't even perform the Taxman-sanctioned round-down of the result, while a fourth (Calculate StampDuty) performs an erroneous rounding upwards!

In sum then, the others - bar the utilitarian effort from the government - are not fully featured and several of them are even imprecise in the limited, narrow-parameter calculations they provide.


private individual
private individual
private individual
freehold / leasehold
freehold / leasehold
residential /
PDF reports
This stamp duty calculator

2. So why are the other websites ranked so highly on the search engines?

Primarily because Google et al don't know about, or understand, most of the other sites' limitations described in the previous point.

Then there is the fact that this site's rivals were launched before this one was and so stole a ranking march. But this one is catching up.

3. Isn't it a bit naughty to highlight your rivals' shortcomings like that?

Arguably, yes, but is it as naughty as providing limited - or inaccurate - stamp duty calculators, and then not telling the users about said limitations?

4. You talk about downloadable / printable PDF reports - what are they exactly?

These are automatically generated reports, exclusively available on this website, that you can download and email to your clients or colleagues, or print off and show at presentations or meetings.

You can view samples of them on the User Guide page.

5. Can you walk me through generating such a report?

There are presently two ways to show you how to do this:

(a) If you are on Facebook, you can watch a video showing this via the StampBot - to get started, just use the blue button below and when the StampBot starts talking to you, type “video”.

(b) Not a Facebook user? Just use the "vanilla" video on YouTube.

NOTE: An illustrated user guide for this site's Stamp Duty Calculator is in the works and should be online in coming days.

6. Is it possible to remove your branding from the reports and offer a way for me to use my own company's instead?

No, not yet, but if enough people request this service, I would be keen to make it possible.

7. Can you tell me more about this StampBot you speak of?

The StampBot is a Facebook Messenger AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot that enables the user to access all of this website's features without leaving the Facebook ecosystem.

Essentially, you interact with the StampBot by asking it questions related to stamp duty land tax, or to do with the other services this website offers, and it tries to help you.

For example, it has an in-built mini version of the Stamp Duty Glossary. But it also enables you to download the full glossary - and indeed, most of the free ebooks this site offers - from within Facebook Messenger.

It also allows you to use the Stamp Duty Calculator from within Facebook Messenger.

In sum, it adds a more personal, “human” enhancement to this site's core services.

Click (or tap!) the play button below to see exactly what I mean:

8. I like the look of your website / the cut of your jib. Who put it together for you?

Everything - the design, the coding, the maths engine, the copywriting, the photographs, the ebooks, etc. - has been the work of one person: me.

Okay, I used a smattering of some external jQuery extras that are available to all web developers.

I also availed of some Stack Overflow tips (which web developer doesn't?) to get me out of a few sticky situations, but everything else is pretty much just me.

9. Is this website for sale?

Yes, it is now. It would suit conveyancing solicitors or others in the property industry. This is especially applicable to WALES, because this site has a page one Google ranking for several popular keywords relevant to its Welsh Land Transaction Tax page. Daily traffic to that page is presently around 400 unique visitors (and climbing), or 12,000 unique visits per month, with Tuesday being the peak day each week and the weekend seeing the lowest daily visits.

The sale would include ongoing technical and design support from me for a transition period, beyond which any support would have to be done on a negotiated retainer basis.

Re-branding would be also part of the deal, if required. However, the adverts for my Kindle e-book would be removed.